Risk Management

Risk EliminationRisk is everywhere. When it comes to your retirement income and insurance planning, you can face market risk, inflation risk, tax risk and longevity risk. If you’re invested in capital assets like real estate, there’s the added risk of damage or destruction. Nobody can avoid risk entirely, but a risk management strategy can potentially minimize the impact if those risks become realities.

Whatever course of action you choose, the intelligent investor always works from a position of knowledge. That’s one of the key advantages of working with a professional. The team at Infinite Wealth Advisors has the knowledge and expertise to understand your risks and to help you properly allocate your assets to mitigate them.

Asset Class Allocations

Based on your goals, your stage of life and your risk tolerance, the team at Infinite Wealth Advisors will develop the optimum plan for your specific situation.  Even with an aggressive strategy, there are ways to mitigate some risk.

Declining Market Strategies

Between May 5, 2008, and March 9, 2009, the stock market, as measured by the Standard and Poor’s 500 index, lost 53 percent of its value. It took more than three years for it to regain those losses. So by that measure at least, people didn’t earn anything on their equity investments for six years. For those who were also withdrawing funds for retirement income, this period likely saw their retirement drastically altered.

Nobody can predict the market’s movements, but we can help you prepare for when it loses value again.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection involves legally putting up as many obstacles around your assets to discourage creditors or plaintiffs in a civil lawsuit. Many asset classes are protected from creditors and judgments by state and federal law, though these laws vary by state. There are also methods of protecting assets using life insurance, trusts and family limited partnerships. Working with an attorney, Infinite Wealth Advisors can build a better wall of protection against the risk having creditors or lawsuits deplete your savings.

Asset Management

A diversified asset base means more than just investing in one or two asset classes. We also advise clients to have exposure to asset classes that have different tax treatments. Some assets will require the payment of capital gains, others have tax-deferral benefits and a few options offer tax-advantaged income. We can help you manage your assets so you are well diversified and not highly exposed to certain risks.

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