Estate Planning

Unless you spend everything during retirement, you will have an estate to leave your heirs. Have you considered how you will disburse your asset base? Do you have a sense of everything you currently own and its present value? If you own all or part of a business, do you know who will take over for you? What, ultimately, do you want your legacy to be?

Estate planning is a complex and often emotional process. That’s why it requires the help of an attorney, a tax professional and an insurance professional like Infinite Wealth Advisors. A well-constructed estate plan can help you minimize tax obligations, develop charitable gifting strategies, and clearly communicate your final wishes. It should also align with your existing investments and insurance.

Estate PlanningLegacy Planning

The goal of legacy planning is to ensure the care and financial stability of your loved ones and/or to endow charitable organizations with a gift. Working with other advisors, we can help you create a legacy plan that meets your objectives and determine the best methods to fund the plan.

Estate Tax Mitigation

Your insurance and financial advisory firm needs to pay attention to more than just your investment portfolio. That’s because the value of your overall estate could be subject to estate taxes after your passing.   If a bulk of your estate is tied up in illiquid assets such as real estate or a business, your heirs could be forced to sell those items to pay the estate tax bill.

From gifting strategies during your life, establishment of trusts and using life insurance, we can recommend a variety of methods to minimize the size of your taxable estate or provide the necessary funds to pay estate taxes.

Trust Management

Estate plans can get very complex and you or members of your family may control several different trusts for a multitude of purposes.  The asset classes of the trust need to be reviewed for optimum growth based on objectives.

Asset Protection

It is critical that your asset protection plan and your estate plan work in concert. Oftentimes, professionals create a plan to protect assets that undermines the benefits of the client’s estate plan. A common mistake made by planners is to remove so many of the assets from an estate for asset protection purposes that spouses lose the minimum allowable exclusion amount in their estates. Infinite Wealth Advisors will work with your attorney and tax advisor to create a plan that protects assets without ignoring basic estate planning methods.

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