Charitable Gifting

As you build wealth, you may have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy through investments in charitable causes or generational giving. Gifting strategies can be very complex, and making the wrong decisions could lead to an erosion of your legacy. These strategies require the help of an attorney and tax advisor.  Infinite Wealth Advisors can work with your team while providing the guidance needed to implement your plan.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust provides funds to a main beneficiary and a remainder beneficiary. The main beneficiary is typically the donor providing funds to the trust or another named individual. The remainder beneficiary is a qualified charity or private foundation. The main beneficiary can receive a fixed amount or a percentage of the trust’s assets as annual income for a certain time period or for life. The charitable organization then receives a designated gift. There are a variety of potential tax advantages to a charitable remainder trust.


Gifting involves transferring assets to children or other beneficiaries during your lifetime. Strategies are typically used to reduce the size of a person’s estate for tax purposes. Certain gifts have IRS limits, while others are exempt from that exclusion amount. We can help you develop the right strategy to maximize your generosity and minimize your tax obligations.

Family Foundations

A Private Family Foundation allows you to fund a separate legal entity established for the purpose of making charitable contributions to various organizations. Creating a foundation with the assistance of an attorney provides special tax advantages. For example, because a foundation is itself considered a charitable organization, you can transfer highly appreciated assets to your foundation, which can sell them without paying capital gains taxes. You can also qualify for an income tax deduction because of your donation.  Since the foundation’s assets are not part of your estate, it potentially lowers any estate tax liability you may have. Donations to a foundation are also exempt from gift tax exclusions. Beyond tax savings and helping worthy organizations, a family foundation is a great way to preserve the family name for many years.

Donor Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund allows you to make a contribution to a public charity and then make recommendations for grants to qualified nonprofit organizations. Donors may be eligible for tax deductions based on the gift to the charity, which then owns and controls the assets.

Asset Class Options

Achieving your retirement income and legacy goals requires prudent planning. The team at Infinite Wealth Advisors can offer a variety of options to help you build and protect your wealth, including fixed and indexed annuity and life insurance products.

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