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Tech for seniorAny time you interact with a large government organization, it may be no surprise when you find yourself waiting on the phone or in crowded offices. So when it’s time to get ask the Social Security Administration for an update on your Social Security benefits, it’s no wonder that you dread the task. But did you know that you can now conduct the majority of your Social Security business online, so that you rarely have to step foot in your local office?

When you visit the Social Security website, you can sign up for a personal account. Be prepared to enter your Social Security number and home address, and to answer a few questions to verify your identity. The process only takes a few minutes, and then you will be able to complete many tasks online.

How will creating an online account help me? When you log into your personal account, you can do things like change your address or telephone number. What once required a long telephone call or a wait in the local office now should only takes minutes! You can also sign up for direct deposits or change your bank information. If you’re applying for a loan of any type, and need to verify your Social Security payments, you can request proof of payments online as well.

For those who aren’t yet retired, it can help to log onto your account regularly to obtain estimates of your future benefits. You should also look into your potential disability benefits, to get an idea of your back-up plan in the event you need to stop working due to serious illness or an accident. You should also review your work credits and earnings history, to make sure Social Security’s records match up correctly with your own. They rarely make mistakes in this area, but it does happen.

If you have more complicated questions about Social Security, you will still need to call or visit your local office. You can also consult with your financial advisor, who can answer questions about retirement planning.

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